Academics & Mentorship

Financial Literacy:
Participants take part in 2-3 hours of Financial Literacy program. Youth will be taught the importance of managing a bank account, the importance of building personal credit, and why spending habits to include saving money matter.  Our belief is the earlier we can expose children to proper money management the better they are prepared for success in life.

Community Service:
P.U.S.H collaborates with local nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local- state law enforcement departments, to provide community service opportunities. This experience will allow our youth to develop a heighten sense of pride and responsibility for their community.  Participants are required to participate in our annual Community Service initiative: The Turkey Brigade. The Turkey Brigade is our annual Thanksgiving Dinner drive where we provide dinners to the needy families of Nashua and the surrounding towns.

Health & Wellness
Healthy decision making is essential in youth development.  Our sports training programs are designed to provide participating youth with coaching, and knowledge to help them reach the peak of their athletic potential.  Our health and wellness programs are also designed to provide access to sound exercises, and display of positive habits that will ultimately promote behavior changes resulting in healthier lifestyles.