Athletic Training


P.U.S.H. members work with our speed & agility trainer who works with them on all the technical aspects of building speed increasing agility, regardless of the chosen sport.

3 – 4 sessions per month


P.U.S.H. participants will engage in weight training and other exercises designed to help with developing explosiveness and quickness.  Our strength and conditioning trainer has several years of experience working with young athletes and has created a variety of training programs specifically designed to help young athletes at various levels of physical development.

3 – 4 sessions per month


Participants take part in 2-3 hours of martial arts training to help build discipline and self- confidence. Our belief is that adding a martial arts component to our training program helps to develop good hand-eye coordination, increased reaction time, and overall quickness that will benefit them regardless of their sport.

2 – 3 sessions per month


Governor Sununu announced that New Hampshire’s Stay at Home Order will expire on Monday, June 15, 2020. P.U.S.H. will enforce safety guidelines. We will enforce social distancing protocols and any athlete that travels to or from California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida or any state in the future that is deemed among those with the highest number of new cases will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days in order to ensure the safety of instructors and other members.