Current Participants

Elliana “Elli” Tweedie, Age 15
Westford Academy
Track, Basketball

I aspire to run track in college and to eventually go into medical school to become a surgeon. I aim to positively impact those around me by providing support and kindness. I am very lucky to have had mentors who have taught me to work hard to achieve my goals.

Aden Pimentel
Age 12
Elm Street Middle School

Basketball, Football

Aden enjoys playing basketball, football, and baseball. Aden has played sports since the age of 5. He aspires to attend MIT majoring in engineering. Aden is an honor roll student and takes his education seriously.

Isaiah “Zay” Pimentel
Age 9
Birch Hill Elementary

Football, Baseball

Isaiah aspires to be a cornerback in the NFL. Isaiah plays football, basketball, and baseball but favors football most. Isaiah is an honor roll student and hopes to one day attend college majoring in engineering.

Jack Lafond
Age 12
Stony Brook

Basketball, Football

Xavier A. “X-Man” Lopez
Age 12
MicroSociety Academy Charter School ( MACS)


I aspire to to be unlike anyone else except for the best version of MYSELF.

Xavier “Zave” Francis
Age 15
Nashua North

Football, Track & Field

Xavier is been in sports since he was 4. He began playing flag football for Nashua Pal Force (NPF) when he was 5 and has found his passion. He has played soccer for many years and also ran track & field. He aspires to continue with football and track through high school. He has many thoughts on what he wants to be after high school, yet has not narrowed one down yet.

Lily Baker-Ollivierra
Age 14
Nashua North

Soccer, Track & Field

Soccer is my #1 Love. I also love Track & Field. I would love to get a college scholarship in either. My #1 desire would be to play soccer professionally. I also love animals and I may want to be a veterinarian.

Logan Briggs
Age 13
Elm Street Middle School

Football, Cross Country

My goal is to make it to the NFL at minimum play in college. I want to encourage all those around me.

Adrian “AD” Delcarlo Cruz
Age 12
Londonderry Middle School

Football, Wrestling

My football aspiration is to get faster and to get better footwork and to have better elusiveness. My goal in life is to become the best running back that football history has ever seen, but with that dream, I need practice. So, as I go through my years, I will end up in college where I wanna play football and study to get my bachelor’s degree. And after that, I want to chase my dreas of being an NFL player, and if not, I will create my own restaurant and become successful.